Why VersiTech?

Flexibility, versatility, and affordability for businesses on the move.


Why VersiTech

We see ourselves as a 20-year old startup. Because in the digital age, if you’re keeping up with the latest trends then you’re already behind. At VersiTech, we stay in front of what’s next by challenging the status quo. We fill up dry-erase boards, notepads, and sticky notes with big ideas and then turn them into awesome solutions that boost your bottom line.

What’s our biggest idea? 

Listening to you—our merchants—instead of a bunch of investors. We’re invested in your business for the long haul. Our approach is to be open-minded and collaborate with the top technology partners to give you the right tools for the job. We’re a debt-free company with nothing standing between us and our merchants.

Direct to developer.

Building close relationships with our customers means we can channel feedback directly from you, the user, to the tech wizards designing our solutions. Because no one knows more about your business than you, and since you use the product every day, you’re our best source for honest feedback. We believe the best way to enhance your business is by listening to what you actually need in order to run it better.

Let’s create more opportunities, together.

By joining with VersiTech, you can expect constantly improving products, open lines of communication, and exceptional value. Our goal is not to get the most merchants possible. We’re focused on creating stronger partnerships with a smaller group of forward thinking game-changers. If this sounds like you, let’s do this thing.