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What if your Wifi was a way to learn more about your customers?

VersiWiFi makes it easy to provide Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant internet access to your customers, while seamlessley collecting basic customer information that enhances your customer database.

Restaurants must adhere to PCI guidelines that dictate how your public internet access points must be separate from the network that transmits your customers' credit card information. Allowing customers to access an unprotected Wi-Fi signal through the same network that handles card data puts your business at serious risk of a data-breach and a PCI violation. This would leave you liable for up to $10,000 per customer served. Let's say you have 100 open transaction records in your system  if the system was breached that would be a $1,000,000 fine.

Make some powerful new connections.

With VersiWifi, you're in control of the information your customers provide to access your public Wi-Fi network, giving you an easy and non-intrusive way to collect customer names, phone numbers, or email addresses for future use with marketing promotions.