VersiTech Credit Access

Setup and Activation

The current releases of VersiTech POS/OfficeVersiTech Credit, and the new VersiTech Credit Access(v10.10.22) incorporate changes to meet the PCI PA-DSS requirements and ultimately help our merchant customers to achieve PCI compliance.

VersiTech Credit Access is a tool that allows only authorized users to view protected credit card information, manually generate force files, and/or to remove sensitive credit card data when it’s no longer needed for business purposes. VersiTech Credit Access is the only way to view full credit card data.

VersiTech Credit Access must be activated prior to use, however, the identity of the primary administrator must be verified before we will issue an activation code. Please complete the VersiTech Credit Access authorization form and have your identity verified by either a notary public or by your installing reseller. Upon completing the form, mail it to our address at:

VersiTech, Inc.
attn: VCA Auth
218 Center Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

The steps for activating VersiTech Credit Access and an administrator account are shown, below:

  1. Overwrite VersiTech POS/Credit/Office with v10.10.22 (copy VersiTech Credit Access to the main \RCS directory)
  2. Start VersiTech Credit Access from the POS by clicking on “Managers” from the Main Screen or by running the program directly from the fileserver
  3. Contact VersiTech, Inc. during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST) at 800.655.7349

Activate the merchant account

  1. Read the site ID code to the VersiTech rep, who will generate an activation code
  2. Enter the activation code in VersiTech Credit Access

Activate the temp admin

  1. Login using a temporary VersiTech Admin (provided by the VersiTech rep)
  2. Read the revised site ID code to the VersiTech rep, who will generate a temporary admin activation code
  3. Enter the temp admin activation code in VersiTech Credit Access
  4. Create a new user to be your permanent Administrator with all functions enabled
  5. Logout the temporary VersiTech Administrator
  6. Login using the permanent Administrator
  7. Create additional users on a business need-to-know basis
  8. Remove old restricted data from the POS system

The Administrator should audit access logs every day to question access to restricted data.