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A better point of sale platform.

Whether you're the general manager of a fast casual restaurant, the most popular happy hour spot in town or the finest fine dining establishment, VersiPOS gives you greater efficiency.


Be unstoppable in the kitchen, at your tables, and everywhere in between.

Everything runs smoother when you have a point of sale that simplifies every aspect of running a restaurant. Start managing your restaurant faster and more securely with VersiPOS.

Built for speed.

Entering orders and accepting payments has never been easier. Your staff can spend less time at the POS and more time at the table delivering outstanding service. 

High-level security comes standard.

Safeguard your business with VersiPOS. With PCI security processes you can sleep better at night knowing you don’t have to worry about data theft.

VersiPOS Mobile:
The easy way to speed up your service

VersiPOS Mobile puts POS in the palm of your hand so waiters spend less time running back and forth. By cutting out a few steps, you can cover more ground.

Get more done and provide even better service
VersiPOS Mobile is our handheld POS system with huge capabilities.

Less is more
Because VersiPOS Mobile runs on handheld tablets, it takes up a fraction of the space of a full-size POS terminal. It’s the perfect option for any restaurant looking to save room and add revenue.

It does everything your POS station can
Most other POS systems limit what you can see and do on the mobile version. VersiPOS Mobile brings all the functionality of your VersiPOS station to a handheld tablet.

Keep it moving
With VersiPOS Mobile, you can close out and tip adjust anywhere in the restaurant. This really comes in handy during rush times when you’re trying to get customers in and out as quickly as possible.

Order (way) up
Our handheld POS lets you speed up the ordering process. Staff can instantly send orders to the kitchen or bar.

Cut down on close-out times
VersiPOS Mobile gives you the ability to run credit cards at the table. This creates lightning fast table turns.