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A better point of sale platform.

Whether you're the general manager of a fast casual restaurant, the most popular happy hour spot in town or the finest fine dining establishment, VersiPOS gives you greater efficiency.


A clearer view of your tables.

Every restaurant is different. We'll show you how to customize your ticket info to track how your staff is performing.

Keep your staff in sync.

Restaurants move at the speed of light, and customers get impatient in a hurry. Help your staff stay sane and productive with greater operational visibility.

Menus made easy.

We will work with you make your menus more efficient for your staff. Let's say you're a restaurant with bar service. When your bartenders log in, all they'd see is the bar menu. Servers will simply see the food menu. Your VersiPOS can also be programmed according to meal times - so your staff will only see the lunch menu at lunch and dinner at dinner.

VersiPOS Mobile:
The easy way to speed up your service

VersiPOS Mobile puts POS in the palm of your hand so waiters spend less time running back and forth. By cutting out a few steps, you can cover more ground.

How it works:

  • Each waiter uses an iPad to take orders. No pen and paper. No time wasted entering orders at the main POS station.

  • Orders go straight to the kitchen and the waiters are free to take more orders and offer better service to their tables.

  • The food comes out faster, exactly how the customer ordered it.