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Transform your take-out.

VersiEats is our online ordering platform that helps you reach more customers and provide better service.


Give your business more curb appeal.

With VersiEats, you can capture more pick-up purchases with ease. Customers can order exactly what they want, using their smartphone or computer, freeing your servers to focus on providing excellent service to the dine-in crowd.

Orders go directly to your kitchen printer for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Customers simply show up, grab their food and go leave you an awesome review online. No lines, no hassle.

It's simple to update your online menu to ensure customers are seeing your best offerings.

We charge only a small fixed monthly fee, So you get 100% of the profits

The other guys take a percentage of every online order you take. They're more focused on growing their bottom line. We, on the other hand, want to see local businesses prosper — which is why we don't charge transaction fees. All you pay with VersiEats is a small monthly price of $159 so you can grow your online ordering user base without impacting your monthly cost.