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Transform your take-out.

VersiEats is our online ordering platform that helps you reach more customers and provide better service.


Instant satisfaction for your staff and your customers.

With VersiEats, you can capture more pick-up purchases with ease. No more answering the phones, losing money on no-shows, or dealing with unhappy customers who had to stand in line forever. 

How VersiEats works:

  • We create a clickable link on your websitethat takes customers to your full menu hosted on VersiEats. Need a new website for your restaurant? Create one in minutes using VersiSite.

  • Customers can easily place their order on their smartphone or a computer.

  • Orders go directly to your kitchen for greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • Customers walk in, grab their food, and go leave you an awesome review online. 

We’re cutting lines out of the equation.

Whether it’s at an amusement park, the DMV, or your restaurant—no one likes standing in line. Especially when they’re hungry. With VersiEats, your customers get their food faster. 

It’s so much simpler.

The future of take-out is online ordering and VersiEats is here to help you stay ahead of the game. In the past, you had to take time away from in-store service to take orders over the phone. VersiEats is an easier way for your customers to get exactly what they want, while freeing up your staff to focus on providing great service.