What It’s Like to Work at VersiTech

At VersiTech, we believe that a positive work environment brings out the best ideas and the most innovative products. We’ve been intentional about creating a strong company culture at our headquarters in Oregon, because we want our team to feel excited and fully engaged with what we’re building. Ultimately, we feel that this ensures our customers get the best solutions and service.

But don’t just take our word for it. We asked a few VersiTech team members to share their thoughts on our company culture. Here’s what they had to say.

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Describe the company culture at VersiTech

“I think it’s nice that we work together as a team and try to help each other out. I really feel like we’re a family.” - Dee Flores, Client Services

“The culture here has a laid back, family feel. We’re close knit, we work together really well. One of the awesome things is that, if someone has too much on their plate, someone is there to jump in and help out. We’re all rowing the boat in the same direction.” - Jesse Alexander, Director of Operations

“What makes VersiTech stand out is our commitment to the client. Making sure the merchant gets what they need and want out of the POS. We give each merchant flexibility. The culture within VersiTech is designed around the idea that the way each merchant does business should not be affected by their POS. If we do our job well, their POS can fade into the background rather than be something they’re constantly thinking about. So, we try to give them the tools they need for their business.” - Jon Bauder, Brand Manager

“It’s great. We have employees from all over, coming together to find common ground and work together. Honestly, I like everything about it.” - Bubba Young, Account Manager

“We’re very innovative. It’s a company where everyone’s young and has good ideas. So if I had to put it in one word, I would say innovative.” - Jonathan Grajales, Software Developer

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How is VersiTech different from other places you’ve worked?

“At other jobs I’ve had, you just go to work, you leave, and that’s it. At VersiTech, we lean on each other.” - Dee Flores, Client Services

“I came here from a totally different industry. And in that field, it was all about individual accomplishments. People didn’t work together to achieve the ultimate goal. Here, we’re all working to be successful, together.” - Jesse Alexander, Director of Operations

“We place a lot of emphasis here on good communication with our clients. Our approach is to be proactive rather than reactionary. We never want our clients to have problems and not share that information because they don’t feel like we’re accessible. So, we keep an open line of communication to make sure we’re always providing solutions for our clients before their issues get bigger.” - Jon Bauder, Brand Manager

“For the last 10 years I was grinding on metal airplane parts and inspecting them before they got shipped out to buyers, so coming here was a breath of fresh air. From the upbeat and fun work environment to the very unique details of each deal, VersiTech has given me the opportunity and support to challenge myself and grow to my highest potential.” Bubba Young, Account Manager

“Fairly laid back, as far as everyone working together and getting along. We all have fun.” - Lyssa Henin, Programming Specialist

“It’s very team-focused here. All of us talk about the ways we can help customers. And we bring different ideas to the table. You never feel like you’re working alone.” - Jonathan Grajales, Software Developer

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What do you like most about working at VersiTech?

“I like the people I work with. The other thing is how supportive of each other we are. There’s room to grow, here. There aren’t a lot of companies where upward mobility is truly possible. Here, we don’t try to fit square pegs in round holes. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a square hole somewhere. You just have to find where you fit and focus on doing your best at that.” - Jesse Alexander, Director of Operations

“I like the camaraderie and access to resources. Now, we have a great team. We rely on each other and keep each other accountable.” - Jon Bauder, Brand Manager

“I love it here. The flexibility, working with a small group. We all respect each other and work well together. We rely on each other and hold each other accountable. When someone needs a little help, we lend a hand. It’s fun coming in every day and learning something new, learning more about our products, and sharing ideas.” - Bubba Young, Account Manager

“There’s not a lot of pressure working here. It’s a comfortable atmosphere. I feel like I can come here and there’s no judgement.” - Jonathan Grajales, Software Developer

“The people. Everyone here gets along really well. We make fun of each other and joke around, but at the end of the day we have each other’s backs. When it comes to support, everyone’s jumping in and saying ‘How can I help?’ It’s not one person running the show, and that helps us do our jobs successfully.” - Lyssa Henin, Programming Specialist

Sallie Tipton