VersiTech Takes Point-of-Sale Solutions and Support Coast to Coast

Left to right:  VersiTech CEO Tyler Young, Rebecca’s Place co-owner Nancy Berg, VersiTech Account Manager Bubba Young, VersiTech Operations Support Keith Whelchel

Left to right: VersiTech CEO Tyler Young, Rebecca’s Place co-owner Nancy Berg, VersiTech Account Manager Bubba Young, VersiTech Operations Support Keith Whelchel

As seen in the Sunday, July 14th edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram

VersiTech is a national point-of-sale brand with a variety of cloud-based software solutions geared toward the hospitality and food service industries. Founded as Restaurant Computer Solutions in the early 1990s, the company eventually changed its name to VersiTouch. After changing ownership in 2017, the company rebranded once more to VersiTech, to reflect their innovative approach and expanded product line.  

Since the rebrand, VersiTech has grown exponentially. Their team went from two full-time employees to seventeen. They expanded from their flagship product, VersiPOS, and added five additional software solutions ranging from an easy-to-use website builder to a take-out ordering platform restaurants can use to boost their to-go sales with Millennials who often prefer their couch to a booth.

In order to grow up, VersiTech realized they needed to put down strong roots. “We’ve dug deep with our roots locally in Oregon and focused on servicing our local client base through direct-to-developer relationships. That’s something special that we bring to the Oregon market, as far as having 24/7 on-site technical support” says VersiTech CEO Tyler Young.

VersiTech has taken a different approach to the point-of-sale space, offering products at lower price points than most competitors. At the same time, these lower costs don’t seem to translate to lower quality solutions for restaurants. “The clients we work with can have an impact on product development and the future of our POS. We’ve designed custom modifications to our products based on direct feedback from business owners,” VersiTech’s Adam Parish explained. This collaborative relationship with restaurants and bars stands in stark contrast to the ‘one-size-fits-most’ model of some other POS brands.  

After building relationships with over 450 restaurants throughout Oregon, VersiTech is bringing their personable approach to the east coast, the other Portland. In fact, VersiTech’s CEO Tyler Young, has moved here for the summer so he can really plug into the community. The timing couldn’t be better.

A1 POS closed their doors this spring, orphaning around 50 businesses in the Portland, Maine, area. It’s a dire situation considering the busy season has arrived and these bars and restaurants are left searching for a reliable point-of-sale provider. Parish pointed out that “If their systems go down, it’s crucial to have support in their backyard that can respond quickly to keep their business running smoothly.”

The VersiTech team is excited to fill that void and bring their personable approach to POS solutions to businesses in the Maine area. In addition to Young, the company’s CEO, moving to Portland, VersiTech has hired Keith Whelchel, a former A1 technician and Maine native to lend his expertise and local ties to VersiTech’s efforts on the east coast. “Keith has worked in the point-of-sale industry for over 20 years, so he has a clear understanding of what’s going to help these business owners succeed and continue to grow,” said Parish. “We’ve worked with dealers in the northeast area for decades, but now, businesses will have a direct, local line of communication.”

Jordan Estes