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VersiTech focuses on building genuine relationships with our reseller partners. By joining our team, you’ll have access to a profitable product portfolio, cutting edge technology that’s easy to sell, and reliable support around the clock.


A Total Support System

At VersiTech, our #1 goal is giving you a bigger piece of the pie. Direct-to-merchant
POS brands are trying to cut corners to get a bigger cut for themselves. But business
owners—your customers—are missing the service and support they so desperately need.
Our model allows you to fill this void while supplying your customers with a range of
awesome products designed to give you more recurring revenue. We’re okay with
taking a smaller percentage of the profits, because we believe superior customer
service is a better long-term route to success.


1 Team. 3 Ways We Help You Win.



We’re in the huddle with you, helping you field inbound phone calls and schedule meetings. We handle billing, sales, and support so you can foster stronger relationships with clients. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear a jersey.


We take your natural sales experience and equip you with smarter strategies to
succeed. Learn how to implement a SaaS model so you can create recurring revenue.


You work hard to succeed and deserve all the credit. As a VersiTech partner, you’ll
receive the bulk of the support fee revenue we charge merchants.


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